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  Excessive bending and folding by force of this rubber belf is rigidly    forbidden to avoid the damage of the dynamic stratum.
Long-time storage of this belf in an abnormally bended status is    forbidden
To be stored in a cool place
Shorten the distance between the two whell centers,loosen the tensile    wheel when install this belt.It is absultely hazardous to set it onto    the wheel through the latter's flange by force.
be sure to keep the wheel teeth at an 90 angle against the moving    direction of the band.
be sure that the parallel between the spindles of the driving and driven wheels is at tgθ=1/10000 lor so.Any    inaccuracy of the spindles positions may bring a direct harm to the lifetime of the band.
In case the band on the driving wheel deviates to one side,adjustment should be done only after shifting the    driven wheel a little.At the same time regulate the pressure of the tensile wheel.
Check whether either wheel's holder slakens or there is any inaccuracy of either wheel's the position in case    the distance between the two centers changers.the band losens and jumps over dentation.Then tighten up and    correct accordingly.
Give a proper tensile force according to type and width of the belt when install the band.
The tensile wheel should be mounted on the side of the belt's slack edge.